Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation Diaries: Episode 1 - Rejuvenation Skin Lab
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So, you’ve decided to do some research on why you’re so uncomfortable down there and Google did its job right because it led you to us.

First up, let’s talk about why med spas like us treat your vagina and face – tip to top, if you will! It’s all about increasing collagen and confidence- that includes the vaginal canal, ladies! How do we treat your vagina, you ask? We use an advanced treatment called Votiva.

Votiva uses radiofrequency energy to tighten tissue and stimulate the production of collagen. This little secret ingredient (collagen), if stimulated effectively will increase pelvic floor strength, lubrication, tightness, pleasure, and will decrease pain and friction, leaking, sense of urgency, UTIs, and laxity. In summary, stimulated collagen = happy vagina! And who doesn’t love a happy vagina?

So why does it matter to improve these things? Well, if you are someone who deals with peezing, decreased sensation and stimulation during sex, hypersensitivity, dryness, or pain, then you know that solutions can become inconvenient and time consuming. Wearing bulky pads to help with leakage, choosing to wear dark colored leggings to camouflage dripping during workouts (forget about squats or jumping), considering mesh sling implant surgery, making time for multiple PT appointments to bring some life and tone back to your pelvic floor, the list goes on.

And if you are someone who deals with sexual dysfunction, it could lead to problems with a partner, lots of lube, hormonal implants… you get the picture. Not only are these options inconvenient, they’re not very effective.

So, in comes Votiva.

What is Votiva?

Sometimes we think, “no pain, no gain,” in regards to better results with aesthetic and wellness treatments, but that’s not the case here. Votiva radiofrequency energy heats up the tissues internally and externally to 43 degrees C (that’s 109.4 F) to stimulate robust changes that are completely life changing (our client’s words, not just ours!). Many people take hot showers warmer than that, to put it into perspective. In other words, Votiva treatments feel like a warm stone massage, there is no discomfort, just a little bit of pressure inside your vagina.

But Is It Awkward to Have A Votiva Treatment?

We don’t brush things under the rug when it comes to your precious lady V so we will give it to you straight. We are all about results and experience at our office. We don’t recommend anything we haven’t tried ourselves so in that spirit, all of our practitioners at our office have received this treatment and have lived to tell the tale.

Rejuvenation Skin Lab - Julie with VotivaIt may be awkward the first minute or two while you’re settling in, but we promise, we take advanced comfort measures to make it a rejuvenating experience: relaxing music, dimmed lights, a modesty sheet, and even a grounding pad for relaxation. You’ll be so comfortable that you’ll be asking us to stay a bit longer by the end of it!

And if that wasn’t enough to put you at ease, Julie, our Aesthetic Nurse providing the Votiva treatments, was a former labor and delivery nurse. When we say she has seen it all…she has seen it all.

She is super personable and can read the room- so whether you want to chat away or sink into your zen, she’ll make sure it’s a wonderful experience for you.

So, Is Votiva Right for You?

Votiva is not just made for women who experience vaginal discomfort or leaking. Not only does this treatment help with discomfort, it significantly increases stimulation, lubrication, and by default, desire. Take it from our satisfied clients that more frequent and better orgasms are a welcome side effect that puts a smile on both partners faces.

Votiva is right for you if you…

  • Experience urinary stress incontinence
  • Want to experience more frequent and better orgasms
  • Have given child birth vaginally or been pregnant in general
  • Experience vaginal dryness
  • Find sex to be painful
  • Have had a hysterectomy
  • Experience sexual disfunction
  • You experience laxity and desire more tone
  • Find yourself peezing… Iykyk

It’s 2023 ladies, we do not have to just “put up with it” anymore. Book your first Votiva appointment today and walk away after just one treatment feeling better!


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