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Our background of combined over 20 years spent in the medical skincare field made it clear that clients are looking for things that TRULY WORK.

We focus on high-impact, results-oriented, non-invasive skin care treatments. Our passion is centered around partnering with clients to create visible changes toward healthy, vibrant skin at any age.

We use the same high level of products and treatments found in dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices across the country. Many times dermatologist offices require co-pays, take a while to get an appointment and are only concerned with malignancy rather than aesthetic concerns like brown spots, aging, benign lesions, etc. Many times plastic surgeon’s offices recommend invasive and expensive treatments. We fill this gap with our exceptional service offerings and results.

We carry top skincare lines formulated with the most potent active ingredients, clinically proven to correct skin issues. All our products are multi-targeted and focus on anti-aging, in addition to specific breakdowns in skin health like breakouts, moisture loss, laxity, discoloration, redness, oiliness, sensitivity, and more. They are designed to create a tangible, visible difference in the vitality of your complexion.

Our treatments are action-oriented while still relaxing and rejuvenating. They create healthy skin cells so you can take the best care of your largest organ – your skin!

Nicole Formsma, Founder, Master aesthetican

Skin enthusiast and founder, Nicole Formsma, has immersed herself in anchoring multi-dimensional beauty and wellness to the forefront of her experience. It was actually on the other side of the table where she first experienced the multi-faceted power of self-care. Her passion grew to create an environment in which to blend science & spirit for transformational aesthetic treatments. Her greatest joy is supporting people to live their best, most vibrant life.

In addition to connecting with clients through this work, she enjoys spending time in nature, bio-hacking for optimum wellness, embarking on meditation & mindfulness retreats, and spending time with her boys – son Brooks, Caymus the labradoodle, and Bob the cat. You could consider her a “personal growth junkie” with a passion for the glow up inside and out.

Rejuvenation Skin Lab - Nicole Formsma

Dr. Gregory Moore, Medical Director

Medical Director, Dr. Gregory Moore of James River OBGYN aligns with an elevated approach to customized care.

“My specialty has reinforced for me how to look at every person as an individual. I really care about my patients and what is going on in their lives. I get personal satisfaction from knowing that I helped better the lives and health of my patients. I like to take extra time to teach them about vitamins and to keep them up-to-date on current treatments and wellness. That is one of the reasons why I have branched out into writing iPhone programs to provide information for patients and doctors. It makes me feel good to go the extra mile.”

Dr. Moore is a champion in marrying women’s health with the latest technology. He is thrilled to extend aesthetics wellness treatments, including Votiva, to patients as a way to deliver new solutions that increase confidence and quality of life.

Dr. Gregory Moore, Medical Director of Rejuvenation Skin Lab

Julie Burkey, Aesthetic RN

 Julie comes to us as a former Master Aesthetician who was craving an elevated scope of practice to care for others and advanced her career becoming an RN. Excelling at her craft, she served as an East Coast Clinical Trainer focusing on Micro-needling and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments. Upon graduation from Nursing School, Julie spent time as a Labor & Delivery Nurse, seeing firsthand how positively impactful treatments like Votiva can be. Being a newer mom herself, she wants to help empower moms to take care of themselves so they can pour from a full cup. She knows how powerful it is when people love the skin they’re in. Courtesy of Inmode Clinical, Julie currently holds the prestigious title of The Top Votiva Provider in the State of Virginia!

When Julie is not in the office, you will find her spending time with her house of boys – Husband Brian, son Mac, and Frankie, the Dachshund. She enjoys long walks around the grocery store and finding the best deals. She is a true bargain hunter at heart!

Rejuvenation Skin Lab - Julie Burkey

Crystal Allen, Nurse Practitioner

Crystal is an Acute Care certified Nurse Practitioner with 7 years of experience working in Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery. She obtained her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University. Crystal has served as President of the Richmond chapter of the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners, championing the role of NPs in the state of Virginia and also spearheading the annual VCNP Pharmacology Conference. She now serves on the board as the Awards and Nominations chair.

Crystal loves creating memorable interactions with clients while helping them feel confident in their skin as they reach their beauty goals. In her free time, she plans exotic getaways with her husband and 2 children to visit fun international locations on their family bucket list. She is known for snapping tons of photos on their travels, and her passion for portrait photography has enhanced her eye for balance and the art of aesthetics.

Rejuvenation Skin Lab - Crystal Allen

Liz Mullins, Office Assistant Extraordinaire

Liz enters the world of skincare after 10 years of being a producer in the entertainment and film industry. That’s where she honed her skills for attention to detail and passion for making people look their best. She truly believes everyone deserves to feel confident and fabulous! As an avid skincare treatment connoisseur, Liz’s favorite treatment is a dermaplane facial because everyone is a candidate for it, and instantly makes you look glowy and fresh. There is no downtime, and who doesn’t love that smooth buttery feeling? In her free time, you can catch Liz on the pickleball court, watching true crime TV, and drinking Dr. Pepper on the rocks.

Rejuvenation Skin Lab - Liz Mullins


Our mission at Rejuvenation Skin Lab is to cultivate an uplifting environment that inspires the vibrancy of spirit & complexion.

We consider each client’s treatment a highly personal affair, utilizing multi-faceted modalities and medical-grade products to streamline results and rejuvenation.

We empower through education.

We support the “lit from within” glow that is an inside job, as well as outer transformation, by reflecting back the true beauty of our clients & activating the realization within themselves.

To us, being your best self, allows you to live your best life.