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Botox in Richmond

Wrinkles are the first sign of aging everyone thinks about. Whether it’s the expression lines that remind you of your mother or the crow’s feet that make you feel tired, they are creases in our skin that distract us from the beauty of ourselves. Most people have a line or area that they point out, “If I could just fix this…!” and we are happy to help. Neuromodulators work by relaxing the muscles in the face, which can pull up the forehead to give a “glassy” appearance, lift the eyebrows to reduce shadowing around the eyes, and redefine a tired-looking countenance to help you look as young as you feel! (or help you fake it until you make it;)) Neuromodulators have been approved by the FDA for facial injections since 2002.  

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Key Benefits

  • Smoothing of lines and wrinkles happens with Botox, Xeomin, and other neuromodulators by relaxing the muscles that contract in the face during certain expressions or clenching that happens while holding tension in the face. 
  • Botox can give the face a rested and relaxed appearance – no more RBF (also known as resting bitch face)
  • Looking more rested and youthful


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Which Neurotoxin is right for you? Botox or Xeomin 

  • With the many options available on the market, you may wonder how you determine which neuromodulator is right for you – let us help!
  • Botox is a good fit for people who like the frozen look and the least movement possible. Some people have been getting Botox in Richmond for years and continue to do so out of habit. It is a widely recognized brand name.
  • Xeomin is double purified and does not contain any extra additives, so it is as “natural” as an injectable product as you can get in the aesthetic world. Patients do not develop the same foreign body response of tolerance over time, needing more products as they do with other brands because of the tolerance built up to their additives. There is less likelihood of an allergic reaction.
  • Xeomin is also a good product if you like no lines but want to keep natural movement with expression and not be completely frozen. Or it is a fit if you have found yourself needing more and more units over time with other brands because your muscles start to develop a resistance to them.
  • Still not sure which product is right for you? Nothing beats an in-office consultation to allow our providers to see your skin in person and discuss your goals – BOOK a Consultation Now.

Our Neurotoxin treatments are provided by Crystal Allen, NP 

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How long does Botox last? 

The textbook answer is typically 3-4 months. However, there are certainly exceptions to this on both sides of the spectrum. Patients who are new to injectables and take care of their skin with quality medical-grade skincare products like serums, Retinol, and Sunscreen (link our products) will have a skin structure that holds the product in a healthy way so it will last longer. Patients who take active care of their skin from a lifestyle perspective- staying out of the sun, not squinting into the outdoor elements like wind and light, and not clenching while they sleep- will do well to experience the extended lifetime of injectables. Then we have our “fast metabolizers.” These are our patients who exercise a lot or heavily use their facial muscles for expression and may find the product used lasts closer to the typical 3 months.  

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What treatments can you combine on the same day with injectibles?

Our most popular injectible combo treatment is GLO-Tox, also known as the ToxBooster Treatment. This is a combined same-day treatment with a VI Peel + Botox to enhance and extend results for an even more incredible transformation. Patients who did a VI Peel on the same day as their Tox treatment saw:

-59% less pigmentation and sun damage

-60% less wrinkles at 30 days

-70% improvement in skin tone

You get $50 off when you book this combo treatment.

Another popular product to pair with injectables, especially if you feel like you’ve been looking tired or your eyes are drooping, is Upneeq eye-lifting drops. Most of us see aging in our eye area first. These once-a-day drops make your eye lifted, brighter, and whiter. We call it the ‘Disney princess” eye effect because it shines and sparkles while opening up wider. It stimulates the muscle behind the eye to lift the lid up like coffee for your eyes (and actually makes you feel more awake because it’s letting more light in). It increases your peripheral vision 3x, so you can even see better. 

Another concern of the eye area is ptosis. This is when skin hangs over the eye lid. Contact lens wearers have a 20% increase in ptosis because they stretch the eyelid muscles and weaken them over time. Upneeq fixes this for less than the price of a cup of coffee.