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No matter what you’ve heard about laser treatments in the past — they hurt, there’s downtime, they only treat light skin tones — it’s time to set that aside because the Aerolase quick-pulse laser is different from all the rest. 

 The Aerolase effectively diminishes or eliminates aesthetic problems such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun and age spots on the face and body
  • Spider veins
  • Active acne
  • Angiomas
  • Melasma
  • Scars
  • Rosacea & facial redness
  • Bruising
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Backne, Chest-acne
  • Poilkaderma of Civette

It can also remove facial and body hair by targeting pigments in hair follicles.

NeoSkin by Aerolase advances rejuvenation and tightening to new levels by enabling a comprehensive treatment to address tone and texture, redness, pigmentation, laxity, and other unwanted skin structures in a single treatment with a single device. NeoSkin uses 650-microsecond laser energy, which is uniquely attracted to melanin, hemoglobin, and water within the skin to safely, effectively, and tolerably renew the skin’s natural, youthful glow. NeoSkin now accomplishes the results of what used to take numerous treatments and treatment methods. 

Rejuvenation Skin Lab - Aerolase


What’s the Aerolase treatment like?

Aerolase treatments typically take 20-60 minutes depending on what conditions need to be addressed and how large the treatment area is (face, neck, chest, back). Treatment is highly safe, effective, and tolerable for all skin types and is performed without needing any skin cooling, anesthetic, and even without the need to touch the skin. 

Neo is typically performed in two steps. The first step is to globally treat the skin you want to be addressed, which is commonly the face, neck, or chest. This step will stimulate the formation of collagen to improve overall tone and texture. The second step addresses more specific skin concerns and will vary from person to person. These are typically redness, acne, or dark spots of hyperpigmentation. The laser energy will be concentrated on these areas of concern. 

Most people report that the Neo feels like warm raindrops and unlike other rejuvenation treatments, Neo has no side-effects, requires no downtime, and is completely non-invasive. Typically people don’t notice any side effects except some transient redness. This means you will not have prolonged redness and will be able to continue your normal daily activities right away.

Why is it cutting-edge?

  • Able to Treat All Skin Colors  —  With older technology, lasers could only safely treat light skin tones to avoid unwanted side effects. This advanced technology is able to treat all skin types safely and effectively to deliver amazing results across all colors.
  • Unmatched Efficacy — Deep penetration and high power in a short pulse duration allow us to target a wide range of skin conditions on all skin types within one treatment modality.
  • Versatile — The wavelength options, coupled with 650 Microsecond Technology®, enables treatment of a broad range of skin conditions that would normally require several lasers equating to more time and treasure expended. 
  • Eliminates Side Effects — The Aerolase® delivers high energy within a very short pulse duration. This effectively coagulates the targeted vascular problem without rupturing vessels or overheating surrounding tissues. This eliminates potential burns, scarring, or purpura.  There is no ‘down-time” after treatment and you can quickly resume all normal activities. There is no “rubber band” snapping feeling like other lasers so treatment is much better tolerated.

When are results seen?

Results are often seen in as little as one treatment. Within 24 hours you notice the skin brighter and clearer. It is a stacking procedure so depending on the conditions being treated, a series of 3 or more spaced a month apart may be recommended for optimal results. 


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