2021 Reflection + 2022 Changes for the New Year - Rejuvenation Skin Lab
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Maneuvering despite uncertainty can bring some unsettling things but equally allows the opportunity for growth not experienced during easy times;  including elements like expansion, faith, and evolution. One client regularly and heartfully remarks  “No mud, no lotus,” and I have to also agree – sometimes the hardship is what makes the resulting gift so beautiful. 2021 was a year for us to build creativity and resilience with an emphasis on turning inward for the answers and relying on the magic ingredient of trust in intuition. We had many huge milestones that I’d love to share with you as I reflect back on this past year.

  • A medical director partnership with Dr. Gregory Moore, OBGYN. You can talk to any one of his patients and get the sense that to know him is to love him. He spends time getting to know his patients at a deeper level and is constantly striving to increase their quality of life, health, and confidence. His view on women’s health and advanced technology align perfectly with our philosophy of treating the whole woman and doing so with compassion, high standards of care, and a little humor. 
  • Expanding our service providers to include Sherri Smith, LPN. With over 25 years of nursing experience encompassing everything from women’s health to plastic surgery, Sherri is an expert at her craft when it comes to technique and knowledge. She is the longest running provider of Aerolase Laser treatments in Richmond, Virginia and is one of the top Morpheus8 Radiofrequency Microneedling treatment providers in Richmond and the surrounding area. After knowing Sherri for years, it is a gift to see her expertise extend through client transformations. 
  • Offering Morpheus 8 Radio Frequency Treatments and quickly rising to a top provider for this treatment. This modality treats body and facial scars, acne scars, facial sagging, fine wrinkles and lines, and sun damage to give you a more youthful look. This treatment is used for sculpting the face and body with little downtime. View our video for a more in-depth discussion of this treatment.
  • Offering Votiva, a FDA-approved device that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy waves to heat and stimulate the cells of the vagina and vulva (external skin) to increase collagen and elastin fiber production. As a result, vaginal moisture, blood flow and elasticity increases treating stress incontinence, painful sex, improving sensation and lubrication, and tightening loose or wrinkled vaginal or labial tissue. We chose Votiva because currently it is the only platform available to offer both internal and external treatments and the rate of patient satisfaction is so high. Since 2016, over 5 million women have had successful treatments with this technology. Dr. Moore gives more insight about this treatment and how it works in this video
  • Expanding to offer Aerolase Laser Treatments to comfortably treat over 35 FDA clinical indications across all skin colors and conditions. From acne, aging, and angiomas to melasma, spider veins, and rosacea – Aerolase can treat a whole range of skin concerns with no down time. We’ve answered your top four questions in this video about the Aerolase treatments. 
  • Twice Sold Out Morpheus 8/ Votiva Event – We had Nina of PGC fly in to do a fantastic presentation of Morpheus 8 and Votiva and share her own transformation. We had so much fun with those of you who attended the event!
  • Hosting the East Coast’s first-ever Skin of Color Event with the Brown Skin Agenda’s Founding Director, Wendy Pittman. Many times we’ve had clients who are skin of color ask “Is this a treatment I can do?” and the answer is always a resounding YES from us! ALL of our treatments at Rejuvenation Skin Lab are safe for all skin colors from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark. This is not the case at most plastic surgery offices, skin care centers, and med spas still to this day. Wendy Pittman has been a top expert in the Aesthetic Field for years. She came to RSL for the event and discussed why it’s so important to find a med spa you trust, top aesthetic trends, dispelling skin care myths, and how to prioritize your skin care plan.  

Wow, it was so action-packed! I am humbled when I look back on this because it was all created so dynamically from a deep-rooted passion to best serve our clients. 

Newly into the year, I will share some sneak peaks of where our focus for expansion will be in 2022:

  • We are expanding our body treatment options when it comes to stretch marks, cellulite, scars, excess fat, back-ne, and loose and sagging skin – flabby arms, above knees, “bat-wings”, banana rolls, bra fat rolls … all the good stuff! 
  • We are deepening our focus on marrying results and relaxation. We all lead busy lives and want to see the most beneficial changes to our skin, while feeling the best we can while we do it! At Rejuvenation Skin Lab, we value the mind-body connection and all the ways all our parts are related in communicating and creating the vessel we move through this life in. After all, when you feel healthy and happy, you look healthy and happy! Nurturing the nervous system and honing the health of the skin should be one-in-the-same so we will be continuing to integrate this piece within our treatments. 
  • Aesthetic medicine is actively finding that the best clinical results come from layering and combining treatments, not just single modalities alone – which we have known and used as a cornerstone at Rejuvenation Skin Lab since day one! Our service options will be expanding to include ways to use multiple modalities within one treatment protocol to maximize time and treasure. 

Of course, all the treatments that you know and love that we utilize to treat pigmentation, aging, acne, loss of radiance, etc. are not going anywhere!

We will continue to make it our mission to delight our clients with an elevated level of hyper-customized care mixed with innovation and integrity at the core of each of our treatment experiences.

To continue to serve you in our highest capacity, there will be a modest price increase to some of our products and services. We do not take price adjustments lightly and after significant market research, we are superbly confident that we will still continue to shine at Rejuvenation Skin Lab as offering the best results, value, and experience. 

We are grateful for your continued patronage and we look forward to getting you glowing in the New Year!

Warmly with gratitude &  love,


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